Welcome to Buddha House


Founded in 2004, The Buddha house is a spiritual residence located in Abadiania near the Casa Dom Ignacio where healing work is done through John of God.  It is a spiritual alternative to the many hotels (pousadas), houses, rooms, and studios available to stay at in Abadiania.  You do not have to be a Buddhist to stay at the Buddha house, you just have to be willing to live peacefully with others and grow spiritually.

You can arrange either a long or short term stay by using the reservation page or calling us at 55-62-3343-1646.  Men and women from all over the world have come and stayed with us because the serene environment is conductive to meditation, chanting and self exploration.

During your visit you will also be immersed in the local culture.  The children that live in the area come to here to learn and chant Buddhist text. We are also a center for distribution of food and goods to the local needy.

The activities at the Buddha house are directed by Paula and Tony Lee. They invite you to come, stay, pray and explore your time in Abadiania.